Grande Prairie Pop-up

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Grande Prairie Pop-up

Just In Time For Christmas!

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Due to new Covid restrictions, the pop up store has been postponed until January 29, 2021. We still want to meet you! Like an opportunity to still shop? We are opening our office for two days for in person shopping by appointment only. December 16, 2020 4pm - 9pm & December 19, 2020 Noon - 9pm. Please contact us at [email protected] to book a personal in person shopping experience. 

New Beginnings

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Today is a great day! I would like to announce that is open again! We are under new management. What does this mean for you? It means that we can still provide you with exceptional customer service; a great customer experience; keep valued relationships and forge new ones; give you quality merchandise and competitive pricing the only change is that we are under new management.

My name is JJ deSade and I am the new owner/general manager for My interest for BDSM and kink came later in life, but it is a part of who I am. 8 years ago, I was drawn to the booth at the Taboo show in Edmonton and made instant friends with the owner Lady Lori. She asked me to work part time for her at various trade shows including Taboo naughty but nice show and the Kinky Flea markets. Over the years this has become strong and a big part of my life.

I have met so many wonderful people in the industry over the last eight years. I look forward to working with all of you. I encourage all previous and new customers to give feedback and let us know if there is some way that we can make your experience the best it can be.

I want to take a moment to thank Lady Lori for all her time and dedication to this company and community over the years. She has been a mentor and a leader to me in this industry.

Looking forward to the future.


JJ deSade

Owner/General Manager

MyStim E-Stim Vibes - A Revolutionary Product Review

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Electrosex (violet wands and e-stim units) have been getting a lot of attention out in the greater Kink Community of late. We have carried violet wands now for some 4+ years, tweaking and modifying the solid state wands which have become so popular to deliver a powerful solid state wand that is unrivalled in the marketplace today. However, TENS and EMS units are something that are new to us. We started to carry them about a year ago after a large amount of public demand; this year, they seem to be ‘the thing’, so we’ve expanded our collection substantially to meet that demand.

On our travels, we’ve come across some pretty revolutionary items – our Electrastim ‘Flick’ units being one of these – and our newest line additions seem to be the next great thing in electrosex advances. MyStim, a company owned and based in Germany, have designed a few new toys to go along with e-stim devices; the fore – and most interesting, in our opinion – toy is an e-stim dildo without compare.

These three dildos (above) aren’t just your average plug-n-play e-stim dildo. Oh, no. The white base contains more than just an up/down function for a premium quality, waterproof, dual motor, rechargeable silicone dildo – those buttons also control the following:

·         Fourty (yeah, you read that right) different vibration modes and intensities

·         Fifty (no, you’re not going blind) different e-stim modes and intensities

·         Two hundred different combinations of e-stim and vibration modes and intensities

·         Pre-programmed pelvic floor training program

·         Magnetic USB charging surface – yep, no holes for lube or body fluids to get into that can destroy your toy and/or the ability for it to charge. And it just looks cool.

So the first thing we did when we got these is cracked one of these babies out of the box. The outside of the box is a typical premium dildo packaging – white hard card with a photo, some nice glossy relief of the MyStim filigree design, and information on the product along the sides in a few languages and an inventory barcode on the back, like so:

Then, you open it, and this little beauty comes sliding out. Honestly, as a person who has done a lot of ‘new product’ unboxings – I was mightily impressed. When you are spending a decent amount of money on a toy – be it a vibrator, a new e-stim unit, flogger, whatever – nice packaging goes a long, long way.

The toy itself looks quite a bit like any other top-shelf silicone vibe that you would get from, say Lelo or Jopen, but looks can be deceiving. An initial run through the different vibe-only modes was impressive – forty different ways to PleasureTown, without any of the features of the device running. Then, we ran through the different e-stim modes with no vibration, just to make sure everything was working as it was supposed to. Finally, we ran through the different modes with vibe and e-stim on side-by-side.
Then, we turned a sample of Sizzling Simon over to a local kinkster with some experience in e-stim to try out and give us a consumers’ point of view. She has opted to stay anonymous, so we’ve organized her thoughts on the Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator  below into a cohesive, bloggable format with editing for spelling and grammar – it is completely untouched except for these slight alterations, we promise.

The packaging is really nice! If I were to see this on the shelf I would guess it would be about $199 or more. The packaging is quite elegant! I love how discrete the white box is that it is stored in. It's actually big enough that I store ALL of my other E-Stim gadgets in it, it's awesome. (We had never thought of it that way, but it is certainly correct. You can fit approximately one other dildo, a butt plug or two, cables, and our Electrastim Flick box inside of this case and still have some room for extras)

And as for user friendly! LMAO, well.. That all depends on who you ask! (Partner) just started hitting buttons, and it was quite the array of sensations when he was using it. However! when I finally got my hands on it, I read the instruction booklet right off the bat. I only had to read it once and I was good to go :) 

The manual was very easy to understand, and made the device extremely user friendly. The control buttons are easy to see and easy to navigate :)

The E-Stim portion of the toy has several great options to choose from, but my favorite by far is the kegel strengthening program. The programs switch from quite light to stronger and more stimulating. E-Stim #5 is a really good if you like stronger. The 10 levels of intensity is good for a first time E-Stim user to work up to because it's not very overwhelming at first. 

The vibrating portion of the toy adds to it, by creating way more stimulation, and the different programs are all amazing. I did find however that by turning on the vibration and the E-Stim together, the vibration took away from the electrical sensation quite a bit. With the exception of the kegel strengthening program! The kegel program is intense, it holds so hard that I found it hard to move or reposition (It's awesome! Lol) It's not painful though, it's a wonderfully tight sensation. 

An orgasm is easily obtained using this toy (especially if you add a hitachi to the mix! Hehe)

I would definitely recommend this bad boy for a beginner because it's not intimidating at all, and has nice low intensity settings. 

And that concludes our discussion about the MyStim E-Stim vibes! All three vibes are available in stock right now (they only come in black) and retail for $189.95. We will, of course, have some samples out with us at our upcoming vending events such as Taboo Vancouver and Lupercalia in Edmonton.

Edmonton Pride - A Look At MOGII Community Past, Present and Future

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As we find ourselves in the middle of our local Pride Festival here in Edmonton, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss the roots, present and future in a blog post about Alberta’s MOGII/LGBT*Q(IAP)+ rights, community, and celebration.

First, a little discussion about the above acronyms - LGBT is the most recognizable, and stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer (IAP means Intersex, Asexual and Pansexual). There is a neat little acronym that has started to surface, and that we love; it’s called MOGII and stands for Marginalized Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex. It doesn’t use any reclaimed slurs, fetishize lesbianism or bias against any outliers beneath the rainbow.

The Pride Festival in Edmonton as we know it today started in 1981 with a raid on Pisces Bathhouse by police. 40 (yes, forty!!) gay men took offense to the constant harassment by police and marched down Whyte Avenue; nearly half of them wore disguises of some variety. This year, for reference, around 14,000 people attended or participated in the parade in downtown Edmonton. Pride Parades and Festivals across Alberta over the past five years have involved Prime Ministers (Joe Clark), Premiers, City Mayors, City Councilors, NHL Players, major (national) sponsors, renowned national and international speakers and performers and have gone from essentially organized protests to full on celebrations of MOGII culture.

Today, and in the future, Pride and MOGII culture acceptance continues to swell. A 2011 poll said that ¾ of Albertans support same-sex marriage and relationships, and 70% of Canadians have a personal relationship with someone who is LGBT. Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada. Upward and onward, Canada, upward and onward.  We, as Canadians have entrenched gay and queer culture into our own distinct ‘Canadianness’ – like Tim Hortons coffee or NHL hockey or bashing Steven Harper – and most of us have embraced it with open arms. Pride Festivals – like Edmonton and Calgary’s – continue to pop up in cities across Canada, drawing larger and larger crowds each year. There are at least 4 Pride festivals in Alberta, not including Gay Rodeos and other gay-centric events throughout the year. It’s certainly a far cry from forty gay men marching down the street wearing disguises.

To close with a personal comparison, I am more confused and put-off by purple potatoes that I am about homosexuality. I have the privilege of knowing and working alongside many wonderful MOGII people. I myself never had to struggle much with being openly queer. Liking girls and boys and birls and goys and everything between was just a thing that I did; sort of like putting pants on in the morning, I put on my queerness. For most Canadians my age, it simply does not register when someone ‘comes out’. I hope that someday this can be an international norm, but today – this week – I am simply proud that Edmontonians have Pride. 

Bear Culture: An Exploration

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This weekend, we are taking part in one the very first Beef Bear Bashes right here in Edmonton, Alberta. This event marks the opening of Edmonton Pride festivities, and celebrates a facet of queer culture often talked about but never truly understood.

To understand Bear culture we must look back to the eighties. Gay (male) culture was out, loud, and full of thin, wiry men who flamboyantly were reclaiming femme and feminine roles in their relationships with their bodies, society and the world (the common slang vernacular for these men were ‘twinks’). Completely subversive to the stereotypes of gay men being ‘girly’ or ‘sissies’, gay men were loudly proclaiming their right to shave their chests and fuck each other in the ass.

Like in many subcultures, there were gay men who did not fit this stereotype – big, muscly, hairy ‘manly-men’ who were also gay and who - for one reason or another – did not want to embrace the feminine, flamboyant stereotype. They instead embraced their broader frames, hairy chests, and raw masculinity; calling themselves ‘bears’ was fitting to the perceived nature of bears in the wild. While not turning their backs entirely on the subversion of societies’ views of gay men, they did veer to a new direction of renewed man-on-man love and all the testosterone that entailed.

At this time, there were many men interested in the idea of bears and bear culture, but did not specifically ‘fit’ the ideal model of a ‘Bear’ – burly (muscular or chubby), hairy, masculine man with testosterone oozing from every pore and action, often in their (at least) mid thirties with plenty of sexual experience and skill. This developed itself into many titles that fell under the umbrella of bear. ‘Cub’ for those that were younger or less hairy/burly, ‘Otter’ for the skinny or slender bear, ‘Polar’ bear for the older bear (dubbed due to the graying of hair), and some ethno-centric nicknames that are currently under debate due to their pejorative implications.  

Bear culture also defined itself like many other sexual minority groups of the time, with an oft-cited flag with a bear paw insignia, bear-centric groups that held pageants such as ‘Mr. Big Gay Bear (Place Name)’ or  ‘Cub of the Year (Place Name). Unfortunately, due to the AIDS epidemic in the late eighties and early nineties, many of these organizations fell apart as founders and senior members succumbed to the disease. They were also subject to infighting, as the old(er) members of the club had little transition (due to AIDS deaths) to the young(er) members of the club, causing a generation gap in the way membership and events were to be organized. Further discussion about the problems facing bear culture at this time up to the present can be seen in many gay and sexual minority communities to this day.

Moving forward from the negativity that was rampant in Bear Culture is something many organizations are trying to accomplish in the present. All-inclusive Bear Bashes like the one we are attending this weekend is just one such example. Bear focused groups across North America are reorganizing with inclusion in mind, attempting to move from muscle-focused to fat-inclusive; eliminating some of the rampant racism and setting up TNG communities for cubs and otters like you would see in other sexual minority groups.  This is a wonderful step in the right direction and we look forward to seeing the further growth of this community. Vive La Bear!

For more information on the Beef Bear Bash this weekend, please visit

Bon4 Puppy Tails - Howl at the Moon!

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Check out our fancy new puppy tails! These babies are an amazing and much-anticipated new release from Bon4 - and we,, are lucky enough to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for these and all other Bon4 items. 

These tails have a number of snazzy features, but first, let's talk construction. They are made of premium silicone  and are all one piece. Unlike some cheaper plugs on the market, they are not a butt plug glued to a tail that will eventually rip off with insertion and removal. Also, they are molded with the SIZE and BRAND right on either side of the base of the plug so that you always know what tail you're wearing! 

Next, I want to talk about the flared base because this is amazingly designed. I really wish more butt toy manufacturers took this into consideration - we have butt-cracks. Not softball sized gaping cheek indents. The flared base on this is narrow, with a slight upward curve towards each end of the base. This is specifically designed to stimulate the perineum (gooch) in men, further stimulating pleasurable sensations for the wearer. 

When you first touch the plug, it is incredibly soft and smooth. The silk finish on the silicone certainly helps with this, because it isn't sticky or oddly textured or grabby. This means much more comfort on insertion, and far more possibility of extended wear for events and parties. Always remember to use water based lube for insertion as silicone lube does not like your silicone toys.

The tail itself - well, this is the real focus, after all. It has a nifty 'hairy' texture to the silicone, meaning that the mold was inlaid with a design that will imitate the look and feel of a short haired dogs' tail. It tapers evenly down the length of the tail and is molded in a slightly upward curve. This tail also has a nice little 'wag' to it - it's been designed with a heavy base and a lightweight end so that it will wag with a little butt-flexing, as seen with some other premium tails on the market.

Best of all, this tail is very reasonably priced, with the small size starting out at just $60 for either the black or chocolate brown color. Pick yours up here!

Quick Shows Update!

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Just a quick ‘n’ sleazy update for all of our lovely customers…our winter show season is ramping up here right away and we want to keep all of you in the loop!

Coming up very soon is the Alberta run of the Taboo Shows. We will be giving away some tickets, so make sure to check our facebook page for more information! Calgary is November 7th through 10th and Edmonton follows very shortly behind on  November 14th through 17th.

As far as community events go, we have started to add a calendar to our newsletters to keep you up to date on where we’re at. Very soon we are helping with Lupercalia’s Hallowed Screams Halloween themed event; very shortly after is Crimson Events’ DRESSCODE on November 10th. This should be a great event, as it’s right after Taboo! COPE Edmonton has also announced a pre-Christmas Kinky Flea Market that is December 14th, and if anyone was at this past weekends’ ASK Kinky Flea they’ll know exactly what a good time these are!


That’s all for now folks, catch you next week at the same bat-channel!

Our New Addition!

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No, no one’s had a baby! After much time searching for a product in the E-stim world that we would be willing to put our name behind, we have chosen a line that provides all the fun of conventional E-stim products and delivers some extra perks. They are more streamlined and look like they were made this century (I know right, what a concept!).  There will be four different kits to start out with and a large line of add ons with even more possibilities in the near future. Don’t want to give you it all right up front or we’ll break your savings accounts. If you want to try one of these units out in person, we will be demoing them at our upcoming events.


Here is some info on these new electrifying little puppies:


Series 1 Ebox

- This E-Stim unit is flexible easy to use and very effective. Since its creation in 2004 it has proven to be ideal for beginners and experts alike.


The EBox Series 1 is one of the most popular designed for E-Stim units on the market today, and it is easy to see why. Put simply the Series 1 offers complete and total E-Stim control. As well as offering multiple modes, each mode can be manipulated during play to achieve a totally pleasurable electrosex experience. Why use fixed and repetitive modes that become so boring after a while, when you can twiddle and tweak your subject to electroplay heaven? Each colour coded control knob adjusts the output in so many subtle ways it's impossible to describe them all.


Remote Series 1 with motion

-E-Stim Remote was the first electroplay unit in the world to feature a motion sensor, and is powerful easy to use and works over a considerable distance. So if you are looking for a way to control your subject from a distance, then the E-Stim Series 1 Remote is for you. With a simple key fob transmitter, and a powerful E-Stim receiver, the Series 1 Remote gives remote control electroplay a new flavour.


Using a high quality digitally encoded transmitter and receiver (with a range of up to 50M depending on environmental conditions), together with a dual microprocessor control system you can be sure that the Series 1 Remote Kit offers simple and powerful remote controlled electro stimulation.


Intro2Electro Male

-An Intro2Electro™ electroplay power pack created specifically for the needs of a man. Not just the great Series 1 powerbox, but also fantastic conductive rubber electrodes designed for connecting our E-Stim power box direct to the most sensitive areas of the penis.


Starting with the most popular Intro E-Stim unit the Series 1, we have added pair of adjustable highly conductive rubber loops, together with all the cables need to connect everything up. The conductive rubber provides a smooth effective contact without any of the usual 'hotspots' common with metal rings, giving an electro experience that is out of this world. The pack is ideal for solo play but is just as much fun when you give the control unit to your partner.


Intro2Electro Female

-An Intro2Electro™ electroplay power pack created specifically for the needs of a lady. Not just the great Series 1 powerbox, but also a smooth, versatile and easy to use VeriProbe... a classic insertable electrode.


Starting with the most popular Intro E-Stim unit the Series 1, we have added the near classic VeriProbe electrode, together with all the cables need to connect everything up. The Veriprobe is an excellent starter electrode giving smooth effective contact and an electro experience that is out of this world. The pack is ideal for solo play but just as much fun when you give the control unit to your partner.


A Box

                As this box is a high priced item,  it will be only brought in on special order. The ABox is a unique    electroplay device created specifically for erotic sound driven electro stimulation. Simple to use and very    effective.


                Listening to music is something we all enjoy, so we have combined listening to music with the unique sensations of E-Stim, and created something wonderful... The ABox. Rather than just being sound triggered like a 1970's disco, the ABox is sound driven. The input, whether from the built in adjustable sensitivity microphone or the stereo input, is converted directly to a powerful and controllable electrostim signal.


                You can use the built in microphone, or even plug your MP3 player and a set of headphones giving you a sound/electro experience has been described by some as 'out of this world', and by others as 'just plain evil'.


The Flick Stimulator Pack

                -A revolution in electro stimulation technology the Flick not only has 7 built-in programs including escalating patterns but is also able to stimulate in rhythm with the movements of the control unit! Whether you simply want to add your own stimulation “beat” or want to stimulate in sync with your own wrist movements during masturbation, this patent pending feature will be like nothing you have tried before! The Flick feature can be slow or fast, soft or hard - it will mimic the sensation that suits your, or  your partners, desire.

                The Flick unit has 24 intensity levels, ensuring satisfaction for all levels of play.


                "Flick Feature"
                Pressing the Mode button for 3 seconds will take you into the Patent Pending Flick feature. Simply make motions with the control unit to vary the strength of stimulation but you still have control over the maximum intensity level. The Flick level is indicated by the 5 LEDs on the control panel but the output actually has 50 flick strengths!


Our current line-up of add-ons are as follows:


                                6mm microlength

                6mm Regular length

                8mm regular length

                10mm regular length

                Dipstick kit

                Dipstick 6mm regular length

                Dipstick 8mm Regular length

                Dipstick 10mm Regular length

2mm conductive rubber loops

4mm conductive rubber loops

Conductive silicone bullets

Replacement pads

2mm to 4mm pin converters kit

4mm to 2 mm converter kit

2mm to 4mm snap adapter kit




They  also come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. In other words if it fails in reasonable use, within your lifetime, and you are the original purchaser, our supplier will endeavor to repair or replace it free of charge. All you need to pay is to get the item back to them, and if it’s older than a year, the return shipping to you. It's that simple.


So as you can see, we have a good selection of items to start out with. Read up on the safety aspects before play and have a shocking good time (couldn’t resist).


Have fun and play safe.



You Put That WHERE?! - Sounds Edition

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Yes, the urethral sound. Most people look at them, grimace, and walk away rather fast and feeling rather awkward. Well, I’m here to tell you that though they are not for everyone, those who use them find great enjoyment from them. Whether it is for personal masturbation or a Dominant using them on their submissive as a punishment tool, someone is getting a great time out of them.


First and foremost as always; SAFETY!!! Though these can be a lot of fun, they can also cause a lot of irreversible damage if used improperly.


                1. Sanitize thoroughly. I am not going to go into how to sterilize right now, but maybe another blog session I will. Just make sure everything is clean. The urethra is a self-contained and sensitive environment, and you want to keep it happy!! It’s always better safe than stuck with an uncomfortable UTI or bladder infection.

                2. Do not force a sound into the urethra. If it doesn’t slide in with minimal pressure, it should not be forced in. Tears in the urethral wall can lead to infections so it hurts every time you pee (we all know how often that happens), and puncturing the pubococcygeus  (also known as PC) muscle will cause you to be forever in diapers. So start slow and soft, it’s a new thing!

                3. Lube, lube, lube. Go out to your medical supply store and pick up some sterile individual single time use packages of lube. No, sex store lube in a 5 gallon drum is not recommended (for this purpose, anyway)

                4. Sterile gloves, helps to keep the sound sterile. Look up some techniques on how doctors put on gloves for tips on how to do this in the most sterile manner possible.


                Ok, now for the fun. These can be used on men and women. The woman’s urethra is much shorter and more curved than the male so beware! I personally can not speak from how it feels on a female as I do not have a vagina or vulva and I have not used them on a lady either. As for how it feels on a man, that I got covered. I have those parts. The first time or two that you do it, it is going to feel odd. Heck, nothing but urine ever goes in there. It’s best to buy a full kit so you can start small and work up to the size that feels best. With the sterile sound, lots of lube you slide it slowly down into your urethra until you feel resistance and stop. Now you start stroking it just as if you were stroking your shaft. In fact, you can stroke your shaft at the same time and now you’re getting twice the pleasure. The reason it feels so good on a man is because the tip of the sound is stroking the prostate. So like stimulating the prostate from the anus, instead you’re stimulating from the inside.


                I know a few female D’s that use them on their s’s and they find great joy in this activity. One will make her slave not orgasm for weeks at a time and then when she allows him to remove his cock cage, (she has him clean himself well) she will then slide the lubed up sound into his very neglected penis, causing him to orgasm instantly. The thing I find very entertaining is he’s not supposed to orgasm so it turns into quite a story of how he was punished after. Yes, I’m a sadist, it’s awesome. Some men just really love the feeling of the semen being trapped inside and not able to release right away.


                Women, now is your chance - please educate me. Please comment below and tell us about any difference in sensations or techniques for you. Everyone else, share your stories and the fun times you’ve had sounding.


Play safe, and have fun.


New Item Releases - Less than Two Weeks Away!

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Hey guys!

In case you haven't been following along on facebook, we are doing all of our new item releases in just 13 days! 

Every year, we do a full show season from October through April; we listen to the things you are asking for, compile a list, figure out what's feasible, and then we bring the items you've asked for to shelves for the next show season! 

This year we have got some great things coming down the pipe. We've worked really hard to get to offer all of you the selection that we currently do, and we're so happy to continue to serve you up with things you may not have even known you wanted.

It's been super hard to contain this information. For the next two weeks, the sales staff is gagged and hogtied in the stock room to keep them from spilling the beans (just kidding, we only do that for shipping purposes between shows :P). We WANT to tell you, but you know what they say about anticipation...

With that out of the way, for all of you folks on our newsletter list, you get to take a sneak peek at the item we are the most excited to bring you. Get your butt on that newsletter list so you can know exactly what we're doing! The newsletter with this information is coming out on October 10th, so you have a few more days to get to it.

Fancy-Pants Halloween Flogger Giveaway!

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Hey, did you know we're having an awesome Halloween flogger giveaway?

Yup, we are, and you know you want one! We're only giving away 4 - but don't be sad, cuz we're also going to have them for sale here soon on our website and on etsy.

Here, have a picture.

So how do you enter to win this golden treasure? It's easy! Just like us on Facebook, be on our mailing list or friends with us on Fetlife. All the instructions are there. 

If you want more chances to win, enter all four! Like and comment the facebook post about the giveaway, "love" and comment on the fetlife photo, and join our newsletter on the bottom of each page on our website. 

It's as easy (but not quite as tasty) as pumpkin pie!

Say Hello to our Little Friend!

Posted by Administrator on 9/18/2013 to Products

Personally, I don't understand why everyone does not have one, but I just might be a bit biased. I purchased my first wand over two years ago. Immediately dust stated to form on almost everything in my toy collection. I was on a mission to introduce everyone (who it was safe to do so) to the newest bestest (yes, bestest!) thing ever. After doing some not so smart things (tried biting a friends hip with the wand turned on medium, and touching a metal table while hooked to the body contact) I decided to dive into the brain of one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to wands and that was no one less then Jim with Wares and Wear. This man in my opinion is a genius when it comes‎ to electricity. 

Jim took me and we did a few experiments with the wand, hands on learning, good stuff. We made chains of people and pretty much learned how circuitry works. He also educated me on the different kinds of wands on the market and the ins ands outs of each one. 
Inexpensive ones are:
-Wax cores melt and become useless or dangerous
-Ceramic cores are fragile. If it gets dropped, it's most likely busted and I would not recommend plugging it back in.
‎‎Mid range:
-Solid state. No moving insides, which means nothing to wear out.
High range:
-Mechanical. Most on the market now a days are refurbished units. They put out a ridiculous amount of power, and are very dangerous in the hands of some one who does not know what their doing. Start small and work up, plus there expensive and most have no warranty. 

The one thing Jim stressed was safety. I could not agree more after feeling like every tooth in my mouth were going to fall out for about two weeks. Safety has always been my motto when it comes to play, so why would I treat a Violet Wand any different, that's a very good question and a lesson well learned‎. I knew right from the get go that you never use a wand on anyone with heart issues, if in question, it's no way with out a doctors permission. Also people with electrical implants or insulin pumps (most can be removed).  The "mask" area on the head is a serious no play zone. Electricity has a straight path to your brain though your eyes and temples so stay well away. I would recommend taking the time to read the instructions that come with the kit, and doing some research on line to be more informed prior to plugging the unit in. Yes, it's a safe toy to use, but even more safe when informed first.

Things that I enjoy about the wand are:
 -Its a zero impact toy. Sure it can give a punch but generally people use a wand more for sensation play. Wait till you send your play partner into subspace with electricity coursing through there body. They will be begging for more. 
-It can be used to stimulate all the right areas for pleasure and for pain. 
-The body contact can be used for a "hands free" approach. Just tuck the body contact in your sock or between your belt and skin and its hands on you partner time.
-Kissing, very cool. Just remember to keep the voltage right down and slowly work it up to a comfortable level.
-Licking, all over the body, need I say more! Again, control the amount being put out. Don't fry your tounge.
-Everyone explains the feeling different. Somethings said are it's like a tattoo, light tickles everywhere, the best sub space trip ever, and the one that was said at a trade show was "I never knew a guy would ever make me feel like that". That was from 1/3 power using the body contact and my finger tips on the back of the neck of a big bad ass biker guy. He looked right at his beautiful lady and said "we've gotta get one of these".
‎Well, here's the sales pitch, it's on sale! I'm not going to talk you into buying one for the wand sells itself time and again. Many out there, but i would like to add if I may, make sure the warranty is worth more then the paper it's wrote on. We fully life time warranty ours against any manufacture defect. If you have any questions regarding our wand and accessories, send us an email. 

The wand is on sale till October 10th, so get it while the getting's good! .

Have fun and always, play safe.
P.S. I do still have all my teeth


Let's Talk About Sex (Shows)!

Posted by Administrator on 9/11/2013 to Events

With the end of summer, September marks the beginning of yet another very busy show season for us here at We do approximately 3 shows or events a month, almost all falling on a weekend or Sundays of a long weekend. When we do various events and shows, we get to come out and interact with you, our customers! And we’re not being sarcastic when we say we LOVE to see all of you out at events. We love to talk with you about different products, toot our own horns a little bit and then at the end we sometimes get to send you home with some brand new gizmo or gadget that will bring you plenty of pleasure (or pain, but we’re okay with that).

With that in mind, we’ve created a new section on our newsletter that will keep you up to date on where we are going to be! Each month, around the 10th, if you are signed up to our newsletter (if not you can sign up on the bottom of every page of our website), you will see our upcoming events and a lot more.

We’ve also begun to develop a ‘Community Calendar’ section to the newsletter. In this, we plug local events across Canada that we may or may not be attending, such as munches, play parties, fetish nights and so on. If you would like your event listed on our community calendar, all you need to do is e-mail us with the name, date, and (if you are comfortable sharing it) the address or location of your event! Currently we have room for about 6 different events, and we want to further diversify the cities we are including events in!

As always, you can keep your eye on our events page for more information regarding events we will be attending. But - our events page doesn’t feature the top secret code word of the month. So get on our mailing list! What are you waiting for?!

Beginner-Level Toys

Posted by Administrator on 11/24/2012 to Products
This past month, we had the chance to come out and work with a lot of customers at the latest Taboo shows here in Edmonton and Calgary. We had tonnes of fun, and boy was it a learning experience!

Though we've definitely done a lot of these shows in the past, we've had more and more of a growing following over the past 18 months as we introduced and continued to perfect the education aspect of our business. We love helping our customers find the perfect 'thing' for their bedroom play, and part of that is teaching them how to maximize their toy in ways they never imagined possible. That teaching takes place in the form of seminars, demos, one-on-one training and just general idea-sharing (a room full of pervs can find eighteen different uses for the common balloon whisk).

Some of the most common 'things' that we sell are what we would call quality intro toys. Things such as:

We love selling these products and demoing different ways that these toys can be used. Take, for instance, one of our trademark Mini Suedes. Lovely, manageable suede in a variety of colors can be used to:

  • Lightly spank, flog and tease your partner during foreplay and intercourse
  • Use as a threatening 'punishment' if they do not perform a task to your pleasure (ie, shining mistresses shoes, laying out dildoes in a correct order, etc)
  • Used as a warm up to lead into a more intense and structured BDSM scene.

They are a wonderful beginners' toy because 
  • they are not too long and unwieldy. 
  • The active (top) partner does not need to stand more than arms' length away to use the toy. 
  • They are easy to aim and just heavy enough to give a bite if desired. 
  • They are relatively easy to use within a moment or two of demonstration on use
  • They will not unintentionally injure with moderate force. 
  • They are neither intimidating nor unfamiliar to the bottom (passive) partner and can in fact be used to impart pleasurable feelings with tickling, running the suede over the skin. 
We'll be doing a product feature each week until Christmas to get your juices flowing on some kinky Christmas gifts. We have a promo on now until Boxing Day, use code HOHOHO12 for 10% off!

How to Measure Yourself

Posted by Administrator on 9/6/2012 to Let's Learn Something New!
You'd be surprised, but not a lot of people these days know what a waist is. We find it sometimes difficult to try to work off measurements, but when attempting to order online it is necessary to know how to properly measure yourself and compare it to a sizing chart. For a complete 'Everything You Need to Know About Measuring Yourself (and a few things you didn't)' click that fancy little 'Read More' below this...

Molded Vs. Glued (Seamed) Latex

Posted by Administrator on 7/19/2012 to Let's Learn Something New!
Today we're taking a quick look at the differences, pros and cons, of both molded and seamed latex. If you're interested in the debate, click below to keep reading!

How to Beat the Heat...LITERALLY!

Posted by Administrator on 7/10/2012 to Products
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Bringing Fifty Shades into YOUR Bedroom

Posted by Administrator on 6/29/2012 to Products
This blog contains spoilers for the first book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. 

In this post, we will discuss the pro's and con's of the book, including some safety issues, then move into how you can bring some of these elements into your bedroom play. 
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