Wholesale Terms


Required Information:

Business Information, Ownership Information, Business Address, Phone Number , Website, Business Registration number, GST/HST number, Type of Business.  For US Accounts please also provide Tax ID number, Reseller Permit number and/or EIN.

Businesses must be able to prove the existence of a retail storefront or online retail business. This may be done with a GST/HST or PST number, in addition to a business registration or existing store location. If we feel that you are not legally operating as a business within the limitations of Canadian law, we reserve the right to deny or cancel your account at any time.


All orders may be cancelled within 48 hours of being placed.   All orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee if cancelled after the 48 hour period has ended. Orders on term accounts may not be processed unless approved by an authorized purchasing agent on behalf of above company.

All orders are imported under, and for the purpose of Adult Novelties, and are not intended for any other purpose. I understand that these products are not for resale to minors in the province/state or country in which I am purchasing from, and will do due diligence to uphold the law.


The initial minimum order quantity is $350.00; orders below MAY BE subject to a 30% Small Order Fee. Orders following initial order must be over $100.00 CAD prior to shipping or taxes.

 All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping unless approved by an authorized Agent for KinkStore.ca. 


KinkStore.ca accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payments at this time. We will also accept a cheque or money order if approved by an Agent for KinkStore.ca. Cheques and Money Orders must be made payable to ‘Kinkstore2020’. All charges on credit card billing will appear as ‘Jj deSade.’ NSF Cheques will be subject to a fee of $35 CAD.  Payment for all goods is due and payable upon order unless alternative arrangements have been made with and approved by an Agent of Kinkstore.ca. A 2% Monthly (24% Yearly) interest rate will accrue and be payable on all accounts over 30 days old.

KinkStore.ca reserves the right to extend or deny credit to any customer at whim. All invoices must be paid within the date of terms laid out in the invoice. Shall any credit account fail to pay KinkStore.ca when due, KinkStore.ca reserves the right to terminate payment terms. No forbearance or course of dealing affects this right. Notwithstanding former credits or deliveries on credit, KinkStore.ca reserves the right to demand immediate payment for any and all monies due before order processing, shipping or otherwise, including accrued credit.

Any costs incurred by KinkStore.ca for the process of collections on NSF/delinquent accounts will be added to the amount owing, subject to a 2% per month (24% per annum) interest fee. These costs can include lawyer fees, collection agency fees, cost of travel, and court costs.


Colored Latex is a special order and a minimum of $250.00 per order is required.  Exception to this is by approval of KinkStore Agent. All items will be shipped in black if no color is specified.

We reserve the right to substitute color preferences with a selected color range to expedite the fulfillment of orders.                                                                                                                                                            


Some products are non-returnable due to hygiene reasons. Hygienic reasons include but are not limited to:

Insertable products, products which do directly come into contact with bodily fluids of any variety, products which do directly come into contact with genitals/mouth, items with damaged/opened packaging.

There is a limited warranty on damaged items within the first thirty days of receipt, so please check shipments as received and contact us immediately if any damage is noted.

 KinkStore Exclusive Brand items are limited warranty items. Bon4, and Fetisso items are warranted up to one year on a case-by-case basis.

Kinkstore Leather brand comes with a lifetime warranty against faulty parts and hardware. Please contact us directly if you feel your product has failed due to manufacturers’ defect.

 Modified items will not be accepted for return/exchange at any time. Items from orders 120+ days prior will not be exchanged for credit at any time.


Shipping for ALL orders will be UPS Standard (ground) or Canada Post Parcel Service unless otherwise specified, at which time we are no longer liable for excess transit time. If another shipping method is selected, KinkStore will not be liable for any charges billed to your account. The Purchasing Agent/Business is responsible for any and all duties and other border service fees incurred by importation into their country of origin. It is ILLEGAL to declare a lower invoice amount on shipping documents and we do not abide by this practice at any time.


All Pricelists of Kinkstore.ca products are strictly confidential. You may not share pricing with other companies or suppliers at any time. All pricelists are subject to change without notice.


KinkStore.ca reserves the right to extend and revoke promotion codes, discount codes and other promotions at whim.



Businesses may use the images and information found on this website to promote products purchased from KinkStore.ca, including but not limited to:

-          Web/Print/Social Media and other forms of advertisement

-          Web or in-person sales

-          Promotions and contests

-          Any other form of advertisement where release of copyright is not required.

KinkStore.ca retains the right to prohibit purchasers from using images for illegal/illicit purposes or reselling the images themselves. For visibly unmarked photos please contact us for more information.


The terms on this page are legal and binding upon placement and acceptance of order by any customer/authorized purchasing agent. Updates may be made to this page without notice, at which time they will come into effect upon posting. The terms in this agreement are governed under the Provincial Courts of Alberta.  All cost incurred shall legal action be required shall be at the expense of the buyer.

The information I have provided to KinkStore.ca is true to the best of my knowledge.  I am an authorized Owner/Officer acting on behalf of above mentioned company. I am aware that any changes to authorized purchasers are the responsibility of the owner. KinkStore.ca must be notified of any changes to authorized purchasing agents in writing. Validation of Application and Acceptance/Placement of orders verifies that I have read the terms and conditions of sale laid out in this document.