Privacy Policy

This information on this website is considered in the public domain, with all content being liscenced, with copyright held by Should you choose to post personal information on the public portions of this website please keep in mind that we are no longer responsible for protecting your privacy.

We do not sell, distribute or otherwise make known any information submitted to our website. This includes credit card information, first/last names, addresses, phone numbers and so on. Rest assured that we take your privacy seriously. We will not share this information unless where required to by law, such as in the case of a subpoena.

When registering for an account with, you may be asked to provide certain information. Please feel assured that this information will be seen by nobody but the employees of KinkStore for the sole purpose of filling orders and providing customer service to you.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of websites who we may be linked to.

Our website is not intended for children. As such, we do not advertise or otherwise distribute materials in print in which places children would be easily able to access our information. We encourage parents to clear history and delete cookies from their browser, and also discuss openly with their children what is and is not acceptable online behavior.

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