Padded Sensory Deprivation Hood

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This hood is THE Ultimate when it comes to sensory deprivation play. This particular piece features a cotton lined, leather exterior hood with three heavy - duty locking bridle leather straps and a lace up back opening to make sure that everything stays completely secured. The 1" thick foam padding around the ears and eyes ensures that the only thing getting through to your sub is air - which we've made an allowance for with a 1/2" grommet through the mouth area (this will allow a straw to pass through for refreshment but we do not advise that this hole is used for breath play at all with this hood as it is so complex to lock the bottom into).
For full sensory deprivation, snug up the strap passing over the ears and eyes. This will pull the padding tight enough to create a good seal. Then, lace the back and secure the collar portion snugly. Comes with three padlocks and keys for use with the locking buckles.

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